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Administrative Management Branch (AMB)

Stacey GillsStacey Gills
Branch Chief

What We Do:

The Administrative Management Branch facilitates business and administrative services to NIDA extramural; provides timely, accurate, consistent and courteous support to staff in their roles at NIDA and creates an environment that fosters confidence in all administrative processes; and optimizes staff potential in support of NIDA’s mission.

AMB performs the following functional areas:

  • Provides advice and/or recommendations on management and administrative policies for the Institute
  • Plans, directs, and provides centralized administrative services and management support for the IC Office of the Director and all IC extramural programs including travel, procurement, human resources, awards, training, space management, property management, time and attendance, and resource allocations
  • Provides coordination and oversight of the Institute-wide purchase card and travel card programs
  • Administers and coordinates the Institute-wide performance management and appraisal program
  • Provides advice and/or recommendations on administrative policy to the Institute Director, Deputy Director, Associate Director, as well as Office, Division and Center Directors
  • Serves as liaison for the Institute on a variety of other issues including HR, EEO, workforce diversity, and Quality of Work life
  • Coordinates and manages the Institute's special recognition programs including the NIH Director's Award and NIDA Director's Award nominations
  • Manages and acts as the point of contact for the NIH mandated training programs
  • Works with management to address and resolve administrative and operational issues which impact employees, performance, morale and the work environment
  • Serves as IC NBS liaison

Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Administrative Management Branch Staff
Name Title Phone Areas of Responsibility
Stacey Gills Chief (301) 594-6316
  • Oversight of all administrative services for NIDA HQ
  • IC Property Accountable Officer
  • Space & Facilities Manager
  • Mail Services
Raymond Hawkins Management Analyst (301) 402-0767
  • Mandatory Training Coordinator
  • Mobile Device Coordinator
  • Telework Coordinator
  • Special Projects
  • Organizational Change Manager
Chanvadey Nhim Administrative Officer (301) 402-2042
  • ITAS Coordinator
  • Awards Coordinator
  • Telework Coordinator
  • Occupant Emergency Coordinator
  • Travel Policy
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • Purchasing Coordinator
Renata Baginski Administrative Officer (301) 402-1349
  • IC Census Point of Contact
  • Datawarehouse Coordinator
  • IC Purchase Card Coordinator
  • Occupant Emergency Coordinator (Alternate)
  • IC Invoice Specialist
  • Travel Card Program
Shawntay Lewis Administrative Officer (301) 402-2019
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • Property Custodial Officer
  • Alternate Occupant Emergency Coordinator
Montrue Crawford Administrative Officer (301) 443-4577
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • LMS Administrator
  • Summer Students Coordinator
  • Property Custodial Officer
Keisha Miller Administrative Officer (301) 443-3314
  • Purchase Card Holder
  • Property Custodial Officer
  • Navigator Journal
  • Monthly Staffing Reports
Paula Peltier Administrative Specialist (301) 443-5858
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • IC Invoice Specialist
  • Purchase Card Holder
Harriette Jordan Secretary (301) 443-4577
  • Administrative Support
  • Timekeeper
Doug Janes Clerk (301) 443-9797
  • Administrative Support
  • Commissioned Corps Timekeeper
Davey Jones Mail & File Clerk (301) 443-2023
  • Copy Center & Mail Services
Gloria Dabbondanza Program Analyst (301) 402-1145
  • Human Resources Coordinator & Liaison
  • Performance Management Coordinator & Liaison


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