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Staff Listings

Office of the OEA Director (OD)
Name Title Phone
Mark Swieter, Ph.D. Acting Director (301) 435-1389
Minna Liang, Ph.D. Receipt and Referral Officer (301) 435-1432
Jason Hill Extramural Support Assistant (301) 435-1612
Angelina Jordan Extramural Support Assistant (301) 435-1382
Christina Page Extramural Support Assistant (301) 451-7971
Natisha Rowe Extramural Support Assistant (301) 435-1388
Extramural Activities Branch (EAB)
Name Title Phone
Mark Swieter, Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 435-1389
Loretta Beuchert Extramural Affairs Specialist, ENS Coordinator (301) 402-5239
Camilla Holland Committee Management Officer (301) 435-1384
Cikena Reid Program Analyst (301) 435-1441
Julius Diggs Grant Systems Specialist (301) 435-1434
Grants Review Branch (GRB)
Name Title Phone
Gerald McLaughlin, Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 402-6626
Eliane Lazar-Wesley, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer (301) 451-4530
Hiromi Ono, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer (301) 402-6020
Jaqadeesh Rao, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer (301) 443-9511
Nadine Rogers, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer (301) 443-2105
Jose Ruiz, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer (301) 451-3086
Contract Review Branch (CRB)
Name Title Phone
Gerald McLaughlin, Ph.D. Acting Branch Chief (301) 402-6626
Lyle Furr Contracts Review Specialist (301) 435-1439


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    Featured Publication

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