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Chemistry and Physiological Systems Research Branch (CPSRB)

What We Do:

The Chemistry and Physiological Systems Research Branch (CPSRB) supports research on all aspects of chemistry and the physiological systems affected by drugs of abuse.

Program Areas:

This branch supports research programs on

  • The effects of drugs on central nervous system and physiological systems, including those related to immune functions and AIDS
  • The discovery of endogenous ligands, and the role of endogenous ligands and systems relevant to drug action, and addiction
  • The studies of absorption, metabolism, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, elimination, transport and delivery
  • Investigations on analytical methods development, proteomics, protein folding and related functional genomics and structural biology
  • Synthesis, structure-function relationships, conformational studies, structural biology, ligand design of all drugs abuse; synthesis of affinity reagents, chemical probes, drug-receptor interaction model to elucidate drug action
  • Perinatal drug exposure and the effects of confounding factors, such as, maternal and environmental stress, nutrition etc, on neural systems and other organs using animal models and other cellular approaches
  • Pharmacological aspects exposure to drugs of abuse in utero.
  • Research investigating the effects of drugs of abuse exposure on cardiovascular, pulmonary and other biological systems using in vivo and in vitro models

Funding Announcements:

NIDA Drug Supply Program:

The NIDA Drug Supply Program is administered by the Chemistry & Physiological Systems Research Branch..

For additional information contact Hari Singh, Ph.D. or Kevin Gormley

Staff Research Interests:

  • Rao S. Rapaka, Ph.D. - Chief
    (301) 443-1887
    Focuses on chemistry, drug design, peptides & proteomics, enzymology.
  • Paul S. Hillery, Ph.D. - Health Scientist Administrator
    (301) 443-1887
    Supports research in organic & medicinal chemistry, structural biology.
  • Vishnudutt Purohit, D.V.M., Ph.D. - Health Scientist Administrator
    (301) 443-1887
    Administers research in the areas of prenatal/perinatal exposure, maternal/fetal pharmacokinetics, placental transport, mechanisms of pain/analgesia, and physiological systems such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, reproduction, and immunology.
  • Hari H. Singh, Ph.D. - Health Scientist Administrator
    (301) 443-1887
    Focuses on peptide, medicinal, analytical chemistry, Drug supply and analytical services.
  • Kevin Gormley - Drug Supply Program Coordinator
    (301) 435-0264

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