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Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription Medications, and Substance Use/Misuse Brief screen/assessment tool (TAPS Tool)

This study seeks the validation of a clinically useful brief screening and assessment instrument to identify patients with problematic substance use or a SUD to facilitate brief interventions and referrals to appropriate treatment.  Specifically, this study’s aims to 1) develop a two-stage brief screening and assessment instrument  to detect unhealthy use of  tobacco, alcohol, prescription, and illicit drugs among primary care patients;  2) examine the validity of this 2-stage instrument by comparing it to reference standard measures for substance use, problematic use, and substance use disorders; and 3) determine the feasibility of a self-administered 2-stage tool and an interviewer-administered 2-stage tool in US General Medical Settings.

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Principal Investigator(s)
Robert Schwartz , M.D.
Program Director
Friends Research Institute, Inc.
1040 Park Avenue, Suite 103
Baltimore, MD 21201

Participating Nodes and Community Treatment Programs

Mid-Atlantic Node (Lead Node)

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