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Staff List

Office of the CCTN Director (OD)
Name Title/Role Phone
Betty Tai, Ph.D. Director (301) 443-2317
Geetha Subramaniam, M.D. Deputy Director (301) 435-0974
Ron A. Dobbins, M.B.A., P.M.P. Clinical Trials Program Specialist (301) 451-9575
Elaine Solano Extramural Support Assistant (301) 443-6697
Adolescent and Behavioral Medicine Team
Name Title/Role Phone
David Liu, M.D. Team Leader, Medical Officer (301) 443-9802
Carmen Rosa, M.S. Regulatory Affairs Specialist (301) 443-9830
Quandra Scudder Scientific Program Analyst (301) 594-0394
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Team
Name Title/Role Phone
Paul G. Wakim, Ph.D. Team Leader, Senior Mathematical Statistician (301) 402-3057
Carol Cushing, R.N., B.B.A. Clinical Trials Program Specialist (301) 443-9815
Michele Straus, R.Ph., M.S. Clinical Trials Program Specialist (301) 443-8888
Addiction Medicine Team
Name Title/Role Phone
Steven Sparenborg, Ph.D. Team Leader, Health Scientist Administrator (301) 496-4844
Udi Ghitza, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-9983
Raul Mandler, M.D. Medical Officer (301) 435-0645


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