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Revised December 2014

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the science of addiction and drug abuse and the work we are doing at NIDA. I welcome your comments and ideas.

Comments are reviewed before posting. Debate and disagreement are welcome, but mutual respect and politeness must be maintained. Comments that are off-topic, uncivil, promoting a product, or promoting drug use will not be posted. Multiple comments that repeat the same point may not be posted. Because comments are moderated, there may be a delay before comments appear on the site.  Posts will be open for comments for 60 days.

Comments will not be posted if they:

  • Contain vulgar language, personal insults, or offensive comments about others (based on ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, intelligence, or any other personal attacks).
  • Promote any services or products, are clearly off topic, or make unsupported assertions or accusations. Comments that include a link or URL to a personal or commercial Web site will not be posted.
  • Voice support for drug use or any illegal activity.
  • Include personal identifying information like phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

This page was last updated December 2014

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