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Recovery Month

NIDA Director Nora Volkow

September 2011

Recovery Month—which we celebrate every September—helps spread the word that millions of people are successfully managing their addictions, experiencing recovery as becoming healthy and productive members of society.

Recovery Month celebrates people who have been able to counteract addiction's powerful pull. In that regard, Recovery Month reminds us that scientific discoveries have informed many of the treatment strategies that enable people to stop their drug use and regain control over their lives. Addiction's complex nature requires a multifaceted approach to address its causes and consequences. That is why NIDA supports a comprehensive research program that examines the varied environmental factors that confer addiction vulnerability (social stressors) and protection (social supports such as family and communities), the brain changes involved with loss of control in addiction, and the different medications and behavioral interventions that can help treat the disease.

During Recovery Month (and beyond), we honor those who are engaged in recovery and acknowledge the valuable contributions they can offer to those still suffering from addiction. To hear how one person in recovery views life, join us for a conversation with actor, author, and activist, Christopher Kennedy Lawford who, having overcome addiction, now advocates for others in recovery.

To learn more about Recovery Month go to SAMHSA's web site - www.recoverymonth.gov

Nora D. Volkow, M.D.

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